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Audio that will lovingly caress your eardrums.none of this twitter spaces or traditional streaming quality

3D & AR

WebGL & AR Interactive Audio Visualizations

1999 NFTs

Since 1999 was the year of Napster's founding, will be doing an initial mint of 1999 Cassettes designed by our community members and artists.

What is Cassette?

A pass to a community that regularly hosts live streams on our platform Listening Party, only available to cassette holders. where you can communicate with fellow members while enjoying live rendering visualizations from an artist's live stream.
1999 individual Cassette tapes in the inital minting. a mixture of generated labels from community submissions, artist collabs and other projects.

Your Cassette also gets you access to all live events (USA) before the public does. Suggest and pick artists for upcoming events via Livestream, VR/AR & IRL. Each event will have a collectible POAP and badge that you will be able to view on your event history profile. The community will begin organizing and hosting events in Q3 2023. Your membership gives entry to events, and access to mixes before the public has a chance to hear them and talks with innovators in music/tech. The profits from the first round of cassettes will go directly into a public fund for development and acquiring artists for events.


  • Botanas

    Community building, WEB3 crypto, and Dapp education
    Onboarding to MetaMask 🦊 and Phantom 👻 wallet addresses with authentication 🔐
    Submissions for cassette label art 🎭
    Listening party Upgrades: integrate MetaMask login, voice chat, 1 of 1 custom visualizations per stream, more interactivity & minting an NFT of the Visualizers from your angle that you get to see first.
  • Pre-Party

    Artist onboarding and outreach
    Community submissions and voting for artists they would like to see ❤️‍🔥
    Events scheduled, booked, and promoted.
    Listening party has upcoming events with physical and digital memorabilia
    Initial mint designs are finalized.
  • The Party

    The platform is running smoothly, and a streak of successful parties has been thrown.
    🔊 The community is booming. Initial mint 🔥
    Augemented reality being phased into our live events and partners.
  • Afterparty

    A complete team 👩‍👩‍👦 in place for artist acquisition live and online
    SXSW, Colorado, Miami, Vegas, LA, NYC live events for holders with unrestricted public access after holders